Safe Routes to Health AmeriCorps Program (SRTH) at the Michigan Fitness Foundation focuses on connecting residents in underserved areas to health, wellness, and physical activity resources that address healthy habits to help residents thrive. AmeriCorps members do this by increasing the capacity for health education and community outreach within their host sites. Members facilitate classes, host events that promotes getting active and eating healthier, and build volunteer capacity. SRTH engages 20 part-time AmeriCorps members at host sites across Michigan.  Members will serve 900 hours for a minimum of 20-25 hours per week, October РSeptember.


Host sites will have the opportunity  to increase visibility and capacity to address local needs; complementing existing organization programs. AmeriCorps members will fill gaps and enhance assets in underserved communities to help residents gain access to supportive environments for healthy eating and physical activity. Members will leverage local volunteers to carry out programming and affect sustainable change. SRTH offers five program elements that host sites can select from based on local needs and alignment with organizational activities. Additionally, host sites will contribute to AmeriCorps members professional development and growth by providing valuable experiences while empowering area residents to lead longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.


We welcome applications from Michigan nonprofit organizations with mission aligned objectives. Applicants should be able to host half-time members; designate a host site supervisor; abide by the rules, regulations, and responsibilities outlined in this application document; and commit to the host site match fee for the program year.

Interested in applying? Contact the MFF Project Manager to request a copy of the 2021-2022 host site information and application packet.

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